torsdag 17. mars 2011

Let´s all be quiet. Ssssh!

Tomorrow I will join other bloggers. We´ll all be quiet for Japan. No post about how lovely this weekend will be, no posts about cups, lamps, chairs, cup cakes and flowers. I have no words, it´s just terrible. It doesn´t feel right to blog when so many people are suffering. But if blogging can help, it´s good. If I can make one more person call that number, it´s worth writing this post. Please help. Visit your Red Cross page and donate money. In Norway you can call 820 44000 and donate 200 nok to Røde Kors. Or visit this page. 
I´ve also thought about what I can do to help. If you by one of my caps today or tomorrow I will donate the money to Red Cross in Norway. Visit my shop if you want. That´s my way of helping. What´s yours?

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