torsdag 20. desember 2012


I like good-looking storing. So a while ago I tried to make some baskets from a shower curtain. And it worked. Just like the ones I made from fabric. I am so pleased with these. I was meant to show you pictures like "before" and "after", but I tend to use Instagram instead of my camera nowadays. So you´ll have to see there. So, by coincident we got ourselves a new basket for laundry in our bathroom. The shower curtain´s holes fit almost perfectly for the hooks already placed on the wall. I love when things just happen like that. If you want some, I have a couple of them left for sale. 

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  1. Å, eg berre elskar bloggen din! Dei siste innlegga har vore som snop for augene. Det var veldig fint å henge kalendargåver i greiner som du hadde gjort i eit tidlegare innlegg. God jul til deg!


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