tirsdag 7. juni 2011


I made this collage of wishes for my 30th birthday. I actually got some plates from Marimekko from  and friends. I really fancy them, and try to use them every day. Life is to short for not using nice  plates for dinner. I also got that mill. Well, I bought it in HAY Shop Copenhagen for some of my birthdaymoney. And now I´m waiting for those ultimate shoes to arrive from the states. I am so lucky to have a very kind family member over there, helping me getting the coolest shoes ever. Thank you so much Coffeelady! You should check out her lovely clothes for kids. 
Now I might order a poster soon. Then, I probably will find something else to wish for. Isn´t that funny? The more we get, the more we want. Quite disgusting actually. But these items I will treasure for years. I know. I never buy shit anymore.  

“The collaboration between Marimekko and Converse feels so natural,” says Noora Niinikoski, Marimekko Design Manager and Fashion Designer. “Both companies have a strong, unique heritage and have always walked their own paths. There’s something very special about this kind of timeless lifestyle, and I think these shoes are a great example of that.”

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  1. That sure is a nice wish list. You have picked out the best things. Could be my list =) I guess I have to keep my fingers crossed, because I'm turning 30 in a week and a half =) Are you having a party for yours?

  2. DIGGER! De skoene er jo bare til å dø for! Skal jammen ønske meg Marimekko servise til bursdagen min jeg også! Er ikke så ofte jeg kan ta meg råd til sånt selv, så da er det lurt å ønske seg det! :)

    To av stoffene har jeg forresten designet selv. Bartene og kaffekanna. Det grafiske er fra Stoff og Stil! Utrolig kult! :)

  3. I turned 30 almost 3 months ago, but I wasn´t in a very good period of my life so I didn´t have a party. But why do we have to celebrate only round numbers? I should go for 31. Like I did for 27. I said I wouldn´t get any older. So I´m not actually 30. But presents I can buy all year rtound. There´s always some excuse.

  4. That's true, it's only a number, but most of my friends are turning thirty this year so we all have parties with different themes so it's a fun year. Almost everyone of us goes all to those parties. But I hope you have better things going on right now than that time. Have a sunny day!

  5. Marimekko er bare de beste! Har også lyst på asjetter derfra (og diverse anna egentlig). Vanskelig å ikke ønske seg ting, gitt - men det er jo også sant at noen ting varer livet ut. Det gjelder å gå for sånne ting;o)
    Heldiggris som får de skoene forresten!:o)

  6. En sån fin pepparkvarn! Jag försöker också att köpa sådant som jag verkligen tycker om , och kommer ha användning för. Tror inte att det blir dyrare i längden.

    Fina ting! Gillar tavlan med.

  7. I love Marimekko! Ja sen kyllä huomaa keittiössäni.


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