søndag 23. september 2012

Grønn søm

I've Adored Varpunen's plastic bags for ages. Now they pop up "everywhere" on blogs and Instagram. I still like them. And want one. I even think I´ll need one from February. But then I thought maybe I should try to make one on my own. Without pvc. Because I don't want that in my house. So I used some thick fabric and made a bag, in which I sew in the corners at the bottom. I am proud. I feel so smart. Now, what to store until February? I think I will make a big one too. 

How I did it:

  • Cut out two rectangles. One fabric for the inside, one for the outside. You decide the size.
  • Put them on top of each other (facing each other) and sew almost around
  • Turn inside out 
  • Sew the hole you left
  • Fold it so the outsides of the bag are facing each other 
  • Sew almost around, do not sew the top
  • Turn inside out again and try to make a bottom, see how big you want it
  • Then turn inside out again and sew in the corners like triangles (I Think there is also a more esthetic way of doing it, leaving the corners in between the fabric. But this seamed easier)
  • Turn inside out 
  • Tata!

10 kommentarer:

  1. That is so cool! Unfortunately I don't have skills (read: too lazy) to do something like that, so I ordered one huge bag from Varpunen a while ago :)

  2. Så flink du er da! Den ble skikkelig fin. Gleder meg til å se den store om litt:)

  3. Snyggt! Vill man så kan man sockerstärka eller saltimpregnera den. / Stella

    1. Wow Stella, det vil jeg lære mer om!

      Nå syr jeg i gammel voksduk. Der funker også.

  4. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av en bloggadministrator.

  5. Thank you thank you. Tester i voksduk nå. Funker hest! Hurra.


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