onsdag 9. januar 2013

Blank calendar

A new year. A new calendar. And nothing´s set on it. It´s all open. The only thing I know is that I´m having a baby soon. And then, I don´t know. What will be will be. It´s kind of strange, and kind of good not knowing. Feels like I´m standing on a steep on my tippy toes. Just about to fall. Free falling. Nor knowing how and when to land. It´s crazy scary lovely. Just trying to go with the flow. Taking every day as it comes. And maybe we´ll be making some plans after a while. I hope I will enjoy every day of this year. I just can´t wait for my life biggest adventure. Now I will try my hardest to relax and enjoy my last weeks of pregnancy. Today will be my last day at work for a year. Norway is the best country to have kids in. We´re blessed with that. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Love the black and white!
    Did you see this cool Retro-apprtement in Stockholm? Love it!


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