onsdag 1. februar 2012


Reindans. I hope you´ll get to see it once. It´s amazing. I don´t have words for it, I just loved it. So all I can do is to cut and paste from their site:  

The winter 2009, two dancers seized enough courage to enter the middle of a chaotic reindeer herd to dance. This unusual meeting with the reindeer herd and the cold landscape have resulted in the performance Reindans-Boazodánsa. Supported by film recordings from this special encounter, unique lightning and music, the dancers wish to share with the audience their experience in the reindeer herd, and visualize the enormous energy they were driven into. 
In Reindans – Boazodánsa dance is for the first time combined with traditional Sami reindeer herding. The performance seeks to recreate the cold atmosphere that is representative for the Sami, the Nordic and the Arctic sceneries.

"In the middle of the long white landscape, we approach the reindeer herd. I can feel the cold grab my body as I enter the reindeer herding fence. The temperature is below 24 minus degree. The wind is brutal, and the landscape offers no shelter. The area where the herd can move has been significantly reduced. Within a diameter of 8 meters the reindeers circle around us, with an enormous force. They push their way through, sometimes over, sometimes under the surrounding animals. They throw us out of balance. Climb each other. Gasping for air. I can feel antlers touch my skin. We are pulled into a powerful wave of motion".

Just book them to a stage near you!

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