onsdag 22. februar 2012

En ArTy dag- behind the scenes

I´m blessed with my arty friends/collegues Elkika og Yvonne. They´re such creative angels. Last Saturday we made art together. Over a period I sent them pictures of what I like, and Elkika has sent me pictures of what she thinks I might like. Then we decided together. Made some decisions. Lines, balance, colors... They drew sketches, changed them, projected it on the wall, changed some more, drew and painted. I gave comments, painted a little, bought sushi and gave some massage. I´ve told you about Yvonne earlier. Just check out some of her wall paintings here. She´s so talented. You can buy art from her. Yes you can. And Elkika you already know. She´s an artist too. But that you should know by now. This secret project did not just include us, but also help from my father and a carpenter with a big car. I love projects that put people together. Thank you all! I feel better when I look at our wall. Almost like I forget my fever. 

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  1. For et kult samarbeid!
    Og det ferdige produktet ble superfint!


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