søndag 25. september 2011

Cheap and mean

I like cheap solutions. Specially when we can fix it on our own. As a team. Like this old fruit chest from work. I painted it black. My man made an extra bottom and put on some wheels. Tata. A new storage for our firewood. And our art is homemade from plastic bags (thanks to Briggslekehus), a framed tea towel, postcards, prints from Etsy and internet, textiles and my latest piece of art: a Pushwagner. We just can´t afford the real one. But I fell in love with Brain center. So I just had to frame it. Cut from the catalog I bought at the exhibition. Yes, I know it´s mean and cheap. But I like it. Then I can live with art. And afford it.  

5 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, I also like it cheap! And everything looks great in your place!!! <3

  2. Jeg hadde nok gjort det samme, lett! Dessverre! Godt valgt uansett :)
    Hvor mye måtte du gi for katalogen?

  3. I gave 100 norwegian kr for the catalog. And then I got Pushwagners signature on it.

  4. Liker fruktkassen din! Kult at du malte den også, ble veldig deg:)



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