onsdag 29. februar 2012



Our house is full of it. But hey, you have to use geometry to build a house. I like geometry. But that´s old news. How about you? Do you show it? Take a look here if you want to see more. Or look at finnish blogs. They are really good at it. 

tirsdag 28. februar 2012


Just wanted to welcome all of my new readers. I love you. And hi to all of you who have been following for a while. I love you too. You inspire me. Now, what do you want to see more of?  


mandag 27. februar 2012


Treasures my grandmother left behind. She took them of old clothes and collected them for later. It must be a sign. I must learn to sew this into things. I want to make a big pillow. But first I must get this weeks job done.   

søndag 26. februar 2012

Ding dong

Finally! Fimo+keyboards=doorsign. Hurray. Now please give some energy to get through this rough week before winter brake. 

Norwegian geek freak

My family thought I was kidding. But I´m not. I love my new glasses. Size matters. And I´m glad to suppor norwegian design. Moods of Norway

Bag of fun

How about a bag of wine? So fun to get orders like this. It´s almost done. Now I just need to put a print on it. Something funny about wine. 


Sjekk dette smarte fornyingstipset hos Helle. Er du som meg litt lei papirteipen som florerer, er kanskje denne duct teipen noe å avansere til? 

Very clever girl uses duct tape for old cans and things she wants to renew. Check out Helle´s blog. 

lørdag 25. februar 2012


Photo: Brinja

Sometimes I try to relax on the couch, surfing on internet. Then I see something inspiring. And I want to make it. Right away. Before it fly away. Like right now I found these necklaces on Brinjas blog, which made me run up to the attic and make some new ones from the big one I never use. It´s almost spring. Time to add some color.