tirsdag 26. februar 2013

Livets mirakel

Finally. After 3 years of waiting. Trying. Ups and downs. She´s here! It´s been 3 incredible weeks. I can´t describe it with words. I´m so happy. So tired. So grateful. So scared. So worried. So in love. Filled with love. This is why it´s been all so quiet in here. And probably will be for a while. Being a mother takes all my time. It´s wild. I feel like a big ? but I try to follow my heart and stomach. 

fredag 1. februar 2013

Nesting sum-up



It all started with my bags for diapers. I made them as gifts to friends having babies. I hoped I would get use for one of my bags one day. And now it seems I finally will.
I´ve read that people often spend a lot of money on baby stuff. And yes, I see that there´s a whole world out there filled with thing you HAVE to have for your kid. Or, businesses try to make you believe that. Well, we have been smart. And lucky. We have bought some used things, we have inherit stuff and we have borrowed clothes from family. So I thought I would share my nesting with you. Maybe you can get some ideas, so you can save both money and the environment? And make some personal babystuff for your little Mini. 

When I first dared to start nesting I made some duvet covers for Mini, from old retro ones.
I sew a mat for changing diapers when out of the house.
I developed my bag for diapers to a bag for dirty clothes, using peaces from an old shower curtain inside.  
I`ve also made lots of different bags for all kind of stuff. And baskets. Like for toys, diapers, plaids... whatever. Some in fabric, some from an old shower curtain. What a success! I need more of that cool shower curtain. 
I bought an old nursing pillow and sew a new cover for it. 
Luckily I got a nursing table with two legs from a friend. I then had two new legs made for it by a friend of our family. Then I painted the nursing table black.
I sew some new fabric for our old family bassinet, used by family  borne the last 47 years. Quite a job making it, but it looks nice. And we can have it for generations. I hope. I assume my future grandchildren will like black and white. So retro cool. 
We´ll also use our family´s 47 years old sleeping bag with lamb wool for winter. I plan to sew a new one for summer. 
Family have lend us clothes. And baby chairs. I love the thought of my things being used for generations. It´s cosy. We are lucky. 
We´ll use a Stokke bed from my sister, which my nephews have been sleeping in. 
An old dresser has moved into the room, and I covered the bottom of the drawers with nice wrapping paper before Minis´clothes moved in. 
I moved my wall sticker drops (which I cut myself in foil from Panduro)from our hallway and on to the closets´doors.
Finally I made a personal cloud. It can be used as a pillow, toy or as a mobile. 
I planned a mobile from christmas decorations for ages. Then I put it together and hung it from chopsticks.
Furthermore I don´t like those big bags hanging from the prams, so I wished for a sack for Christmas. And we got it. So now our Fjallreven sack will be our diaper bag.

We have bought some things too, like mats for the nursing table and our bathroom sink. Some bedding. And a pram. I wanted a new one. It´s my first. And I wanted a good looking one, which can handle the rough winter up here. So much to choose from! We landed on Brio Happy Duo. I like that its all black. Quite slim and classic. 

The aim is not to use too many products on Mini, so we´ll go for a baby oil without parabens and other shit like that. For now we have bought products from TomTomBaby and Anglamarks babyoil. I used TomTomMamas products on my belly and feet, they are lovely. I will try reusable diapers for Mini which I got from Grønn Hverdag. But I´m not fanatic. I´ll just try. We´ll use Svanemerkede paper diapers if we don´t like washing diapers all the time. 

Now we´ll just have to wait for Mini to come so we can start using it all. And just get along with life. I`m so excited. It feels so crazy. I hope it will all be fine this time.