fredag 15. juni 2012

Gjenbruk i kulissene

Håsselestkrakken, bestefars dynamittkasse og noen omtrekte stålrørskrakker er på vei til Remix sitt Miks & triks moteshow. Jeg håper de er med som scenografi i morgen, da omsydde klær skal vises frem. Remiks ønsker å inspirere og skape blest om sin redesign/gjenbrukskonkurranse som foregår for tiden. Hurra for grønne saker. Korker er også på vei til kunstneren Suhki, som skal sette opp et stort kunstverk i Trondheim, av melke- og juskartongkorker. KORKA avsluttes straks, men du kan sende korker ila helgen også. Omså en! Vi har hatt innsamling der jeg jobber, og til uka må jeg bake en kake til vinnerne. Hei hå.

Some of my redesigned stools are on their way to (hopefully) their job as scenography in Miks & triks`s fashionshow tomorrow. And corks are going to Suhki, for her big art project. I love when artists go green. If you want to see what I did to these old boxes, click the links above.

tirsdag 12. juni 2012


I feel like these balloons. Waiting for my energy level to increase. 8 working days left. Thank you for staying with me. I will be back on track soon I hope. 
Oh, I do have plans for summer. I want to fix our kitchen and our garden. We´ll see.  

mandag 11. juni 2012

A towel

Who says a towel must be used as a towel? I turned my towels from Hay into a pillow and a bag for important things. It´s always in my purse. It follows me everywhere I go. The last towel is just used as a canvas since I needed one. And color is ok now. 

søndag 10. juni 2012


Today I´ve done some gardening. Like everyone else in this town it seemed. Some flowers are finally put out, and I´ve raked the lawn. I´ve removed quite a lot of weed, too. But it doesn´t seem to help. I don´t like our garden. I didn´t choose to have four flowerbeds. I don´t need them. I hate all the weed and all the work that comes with it. And I wish for new shingle in our driveway and for our neighbor to take care of his lawn! Therefore, we need to put up a fence. Because he don´t seem to care that it looks like a jungle. Like too many in this town, unfortunately. Why can´t northern norwegians bother taking care of their outdoor area? It irritates me! Maybe it´s because we don´t spend that much time outside, because it´s always cold? Well, I had to make myself a little treat after all that work. Homemade, with handpicked blueberries. Yummy. 

lørdag 9. juni 2012

Been around the world

I wish! But I went to Spain. I really felt home in the asian part of Terra Natura. I want to go to India, ok!? I needed a break. It was good. And so cold to some back. Now I might keep blogging again.