onsdag 27. mars 2013

Easter days

Stormy weather - great to stay inside. Happy easter to all of you!

søndag 24. mars 2013


All of a sudden easter is here. I am just showing you some old pictures from last year, because I only take baby pictures at the moment. Funny what happens when you become a mum. Maybe I´ll get to show you my project for this easter if I manage to make it. We´ll see. Hope you´re enjoying the first week- end of easter. 
(Yes I know it´s almost a week to go, but teachers and folks on maternity leave start easter early). 

lørdag 23. mars 2013


I like traditions. But this year I didn´t arrange our usual easter work shop. We´ve been decorating eggs using napkins and paint. So if you want some ideas for easter decorations, here are some of the eggs from last year. Now we´ll just wait for the easter bunny to some fill them. Or wait, I just did. And we´ve already started eating the snack. Happy easter!

søndag 10. mars 2013


I was never supposed to have a pink babygirl. But all of a sudden our home is invaded by pink. And I love it. I even want more color. It´s like having a baby made life more colorful. I used to be all black and white. Like my mood. Blogging helped me fill the empty hole in my life. It has helped me through dark days. Now I don´t feel like I need to blog. But I probably will. In between. When I have the time. Finally I have something bigger than me to care about. 

lørdag 9. mars 2013

The stork was here

...and from then on I´ve been busy nursing. Always with some pillows and a baby in hand. We´re getting to know each other more and more. This new life is wild. I´m blessed.