fredag 31. august 2012

Change is good

Needed a change. Repainted parts of our art last weekend. But still some left to fix. It might need some more patterns since I removed the pink parts of our FrIeNdLy ArT. Then I put some white tape on the table´s legs. Thanks to Shinedesign for a super tip about white socks. For us who don´t want to paint. And then regret. Next, hang the dots on the wall. 
Happy week end to you all!

onsdag 29. august 2012

That´s me in the corner

Exciting things going on. Trying to pick some nice pictures for something exciting and secret for now. Don´t know what to choose. I realized I`m happy with our corners. And the raindrop wall in our stairway to heaven. 

That´s me in the corner. That´s me in the spotlight...

tirsdag 28. august 2012

Bæsj propp tiss

Ah, it felt so good finishing some sewing again! This is for diapers. Unused I must say. In norwegian it says "poop fart pee-pee". I think that fits for kids. 

mandag 27. august 2012


It´s kind of strange but nice being an aunt to grownups. Or at least youth, moving out of their nest. I like things to stay in our family so my niece and her boyfriend borrow this old bench of mine. I got it after my grandparents years ago, and fixed the things that were broken. And painted it. Now we have just an ordinary chest from Ikea. I like it clean. 

søndag 26. august 2012

Something´s cookin´in the kitchen

Small changes. Bit by bit. You can see how it was to start with, here. Last year I painted some lists. This year I painted the walls and changed the handles. Fixed the lamp. And we will hang up a shelf for nice stuff. One day. Now I hope to do something about the record under the cabinets. I´ve found these kitchen boards that might work. We´ll see.  Any suggestions, or experiences? It must be easy and cheap, or else I won`t get it done. 

lørdag 25. august 2012

Halla balla

I seem to have lost the need- and speed- for daily updates. Instagram is so much easier and funny. Today the sun came through so I captured some pictures of my favorites in our hall. 

tirsdag 21. august 2012

Old meets new

Daddy cool helped me fix the old lamp in our kitchen. We saved a lot of money, not buying the design lamp I planned. We also saved our planet for one more lamp production. Yeah. I´m lucky to have a dad who´s a retired electrician. This was a tricky lamp to release from its old conduction, therefore we needed help from an expert. Thank you so much dad for attaching the new black and white fabric conduction. I bought a Halo lamp at Åhlens which we cut to fit before connecting it. They also sell lamps like that at Clas Ohlson
The kitchen is getting there. Sloooooowly. 

søndag 19. august 2012

Cheap kitchenfix

I planned to fix our kitchen this summer. It´s the only room we haven´t painted since we bought this house three years ago. I almost made it. At least I started it. So this is what you get to see for now. I painted one wall black (after removing the dado) and the others white. I´ve changed the 28 handles and I am quite happy about the simplicity. Now I will try to spice up the old lamp which came with the house. And get my String pocket on the wall. I think it will be a perfect, cheap fix. I´ve spent more time in the kitchen cooking lately! I like nice rooms. "Just wait and see when it´s all done" I tell my boyfriend. Trying to get some help with what´s left to do.

fredag 17. august 2012

Holy Friday

Finally friday. The feeling of week-end is finally back. Just showing you one of my swedish flea marked finds: a big wooden tray. Perfect combined with my triangles. I just seem to not have enough trays either. Happy week end to you! 
I hope to show you our kitchen soon, if we just finish what we started. I mean, I started. 

tirsdag 14. august 2012


Just playing with my camera again. I was afraid I had lost it. My way of taking pictures. This week end we had our niece over. Who need toys when auntie makes and buys a whole lot of pillows? 

mandag 13. august 2012


I´ve almost forgot how to blog. I haven´t felt the need. And it´s been good. No energy, no need. But instagram has been great, and still is. So please join me there if you´re not. Now my energy and inspiration is on its way. So I guess I´m back now. 

søndag 5. august 2012