torsdag 31. januar 2013

My man

 My bowler man. I love my man and my bowler man. 

onsdag 30. januar 2013

Candy camo

I think Pinterest is great. It´s better than reading blogs. So quick. So many ideas. Like the other day I saw a woman´s (mkkmoen) baking babushkas filled with candy. Why haven´t I thought of that earlier? I have them too. Hid in a kitchen drawer. But not any more. I have brought them into the light in our livingroom. I have camouflaged my candy. Yeah. I love when I get inspired by others. To find my own stuff and use it in new ways. 

tirsdag 29. januar 2013

Sooo childish

All my childish interior stuff are coming out of their hiding spots, from closets and shut doors. I´ve gone through different interior periods in my life. Now these childish things finally will get the honor they deserve. I´ve had periods where  I stitched towels and nice fabrics to canvas. But didn´t quite like having them around all the time. Now they´re hung on walls. It feel like the right time for it. I also read once that it´s good feng shui or karma to add some childish stuff around in your interior if you want to get pregnant. So that the child will feel welcome and want to grow in your belly. Maybe that´s what have happened here? Hm. You can also see my first nesting project on the bed. I made a big, old (one of my favorite retro fabrics) bed sheet smaller so that Mini can have it. 
One of my first DIY projects I guess was a big canvas with textile from Marimekko, which I have changed the fabric on lots of times. Now I had to find a place for the big dotted one, it´s been in our hall on the floor for a year maybe. And all of a sudden it hit me- behind the bed! Yes. And then, all out of nothing- we had a headboard for our guest bed. I felt so smart. And glad my head still works. 

mandag 28. januar 2013

Syssel pyssel

So I have all day to move things around. 

søndag 27. januar 2013

Frem fra glemselen

It happens every january up here: the return of the sun after two months of darkness. I tend to get more energy then. And a need for color. So I have changed the copper lamp for my old spraypainted one, and found a Flensted mobile I had forgot all about. I also have to get tulips every week end. I´m in love with this beautiful light we get to have a couple of hour. So I guess I´ll have to have tulip-budget this year. Furthermore things are getting up on walls, moved around and tested in new places. That´s how I spend my time waiting. 

lørdag 26. januar 2013

It´s up!

I´ve been working on this mobile for months. In my head. I made the cubes for christmas and hung them in our window. Now I finally got to hang them in our bathroom as planned. I found this on Pinterest and used it for inspiration when making a base from chopsticks. I used invisible thread for hanging since I don´t know if it´s a boy or a girl. I bought the cubes from Snug and the mountain and box are printed from Minieco. Offcourse I have folded them myself. And that combined with see- through thread, trying to get the mobile stable, isn´t a pregnant woman´s friend. But now it´s up. Together with our new bag for laundry which I made from an old shower curtain. We needed to do some rearrangements in our bathroom for Mini. Now I hope he/she will come soon. I have no more things to make, move around or do. I´m bored. Almost going crazy. Moving postcards from one wall to another. Changing lamps. Lol. Luckily I do have yoga. 

onsdag 23. januar 2013


Check! This has been on my list for so long. Now it´s done. Inspired by a lot of blogs and pinterest I now have made my own, very organic-looking strange cloud. Two different sides, stuffed with what was inside an old pillow. Then I added some weather using left-over ribbons I always save for later. I hope Mini will like it too. 

mandag 21. januar 2013

Dager og mager

So. There you are. Inside that bump. I wonder what you look like. How you are. Who you are. Please come say hello soon. And we´ll always have this memory of your first home. 

søndag 20. januar 2013


Waiting. Just waiting. Spending a lot of time on the coach. Looking around. Wanting to change something. Add. Remove. Paint. Something seems to be wrong with our dining-part of the livingroom. Such a nonimportant detail. Almost making me mad.  So after some advice on instagram I added a mat under our table. And Elkika made a dripping area to our big wall art. Yeah. So much better. Those hormones!

onsdag 16. januar 2013

Summing it up



They say it´s good to sum up before moving on. So I´ve had a look over my shoulder, on 2012. I appreciate every moment spent with good friends and family. And I´m proud of all I´ve done, despite my unfocused mind and tired body at times. Working on my biggest and toughest task ever have taken a lot of urge. Now I´m almost there. 

2012 wa the year I...
Made this big wall art with my arty friends. 
Started wearing big glasses. 
Planted an egg.
Went to visit my friend in Copenhagen.
Went to Spain with family. 
Drove to Sweden with friends.
Waited. Hoped. Cried.  
Got to finish a big, nordic MADD musical project together with good collegues and student. We went to Helsinki. 
Redecorated easter eggs. 
Fixed some old lamps. 
Sew a lot of bags. For different things. 
Made some more pillows. 
Repainted my big wall art.
Ate a lot of oranges. And bananas. 
Painted a black wall. And some white. 
Fixed our kitchen a bit.
Moved the wall-sticker raindrops.
DFinally got to do some nesting.
Redesigned stuff for Miks & Triks competition.
Hung up pictures and hooks.
Moved stuff around the house. Often. 
Waited half a year for a lamp to be hung. 
Made plastic bags for storing. From a shower curtain.
Taught yoga. 
And tried to practice more of it at home. 
Made a necklace. 
Got my blog posted in some newspapers. 
Participated in a pop-up marked with things I make. Among people I like. 
Drank some coffee.
Made a door sign. 
Worried a lot.
Made a guest-blo-post at NioNio.
Brought home a new chest from Ikea.
Tried copper. 
Got older. And bigger.
Made some bread.  
Bought a lot of postcards and posters.
Got pregnant. 
Bought a new, big sofa. And spent a lot of time on it.

2013 will be spent less on the coach and more up and around. I hope. I´m ready. Bring it on!