tirsdag 29. januar 2013

Sooo childish

All my childish interior stuff are coming out of their hiding spots, from closets and shut doors. I´ve gone through different interior periods in my life. Now these childish things finally will get the honor they deserve. I´ve had periods where  I stitched towels and nice fabrics to canvas. But didn´t quite like having them around all the time. Now they´re hung on walls. It feel like the right time for it. I also read once that it´s good feng shui or karma to add some childish stuff around in your interior if you want to get pregnant. So that the child will feel welcome and want to grow in your belly. Maybe that´s what have happened here? Hm. You can also see my first nesting project on the bed. I made a big, old (one of my favorite retro fabrics) bed sheet smaller so that Mini can have it. 
One of my first DIY projects I guess was a big canvas with textile from Marimekko, which I have changed the fabric on lots of times. Now I had to find a place for the big dotted one, it´s been in our hall on the floor for a year maybe. And all of a sudden it hit me- behind the bed! Yes. And then, all out of nothing- we had a headboard for our guest bed. I felt so smart. And glad my head still works. 

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  1. Så fint dynetrekk til mini. Blir så imponert over hvor produktiv du er disse siste dagene. Mini har mye å glede seg til. Gleder meg til vi kan komme å se alt i virkeligheten og ikke minst hilse på <3 Lykke til og tvi tvi for at det bare er noen få dager igjen. muss


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