søndag 30. september 2012

Ring ring

Do you remember the time when we had a table for the one and only phone in the household? Normally placed in every hall. Now this could be ours. Ring ring. 

lørdag 29. september 2012

Green day

Mostly old. Something new. The clichè is here to stay, I guess. 

fredag 28. september 2012

Big bag

Yes. I did it.  Made a big one too. Stands up when filled. It´s perfect for storing stuff. Happy week end to you. Ciao. 

søndag 23. september 2012

Grønn søm

I've Adored Varpunen's plastic bags for ages. Now they pop up "everywhere" on blogs and Instagram. I still like them. And want one. I even think I´ll need one from February. But then I thought maybe I should try to make one on my own. Without pvc. Because I don't want that in my house. So I used some thick fabric and made a bag, in which I sew in the corners at the bottom. I am proud. I feel so smart. Now, what to store until February? I think I will make a big one too. 

How I did it:

  • Cut out two rectangles. One fabric for the inside, one for the outside. You decide the size.
  • Put them on top of each other (facing each other) and sew almost around
  • Turn inside out 
  • Sew the hole you left
  • Fold it so the outsides of the bag are facing each other 
  • Sew almost around, do not sew the top
  • Turn inside out again and try to make a bottom, see how big you want it
  • Then turn inside out again and sew in the corners like triangles (I Think there is also a more esthetic way of doing it, leaving the corners in between the fabric. But this seamed easier)
  • Turn inside out 
  • Tata!

lørdag 22. september 2012

Go green

The only thing I´ve been working hard on this week is getting well. I´ve been ill with the flu all week, home from work 3 days. It gets quite boring just staying inside. But I´ve tried to do things I like when I felt a little better. So I`ve done some sewing and some small, green changes. A little hint of color is also good therapy. And some lovely roses from my boyfriend. Hope you all are enjoying your week end. I will try my best here. 

mandag 17. september 2012

The mask

I´ve had some trouble sleeping lately. For a long time I´ve also thought about making a lavender mask for yoga meditations. Yestarday I finally made it, from left overs I keep in a box. (I made some pillows from teatowels and just kept going. Those of you following me on Instagram already know). This is how I did it.
  • I used an old mask as model. I cut of the band so I could reuse it on this new one. 
  • Cut my own shape around the old one.
  • Put the right side against right and sew around. Put the band in between. Leave a gap. 
  • Turn inside out, so that the inside comes out.
  • Put lavender inside.
  • Sew the hole by hand or machine. I first did it by hand, then i made zig zag around the whole mask. 
  • Go to bed, your sofa or yoga mat.
  • Relax.

søndag 16. september 2012

Long term project: kitchen

When we bought the house in 2009 it looked like this:

2010: I painted some details white ...

2012: Removed the dado, painted one wall black and the others white, changed the lamp´s conduction, glued a rubber floor to the walls, changed the handles and hung up a shelf. 

We didn´t have to do something with our kitchen. But I wanted to. You can see why?! But it took some time. Here´s a little sum up on our project kitchen. I´m happy with the result. Without building a new kitchen it actually feels like we have a new. Though I see details I would like to change, I can live with this. I´m proud of what we´ve done without buying new things. The rubber floor was meant for our stair steps in the hall, but we didn´t get to use it. So instead of buying something new, we did as Ymmeli- glued it to the walls. Now we´ll jut have to paint the roof. I guess that will be next year... Or hopefully not.

lørdag 15. september 2012

Baby in the corner

I never show pictures of me. Unless today. Now that I´m out there (again, after hiding for years) it´s so funny to hear so many thought I had short, dark hair. That´s interesting. Why did you think that? Well, I´m a bit excited and proud of being one of three norwegian bloggers presenting some of our interior tips for autumn in a norwegian newspaper. You can read it here. It´s in norwegian, though. Have a great week end folks. I will be in the kitchen. Hope to show you soon. 

torsdag 13. september 2012

Another corner

Finally it´s up.The String. Not where I planned, but nice though. I had to let my boyfriend have a say to. Now I´ve spent two afternoons and evenings in the kitchen. Working on walls and food. It´s nice to have good looking environments. Sorry, but I believe in the power of esthetics. Next is our black floor for the walls. Excited! To be continued...

onsdag 12. september 2012


Need a fix? How about trying some of my friend Elkika´s ideas?

  • Spray-paint some toys and add some tape 
  • Dip jars or vases in paint and let it run off
  • Add some foil to what your´re painting, and get cool geometric effects
  • Make a board from old kitchen doors/closets, paint it with chalk board paint 
  • Spray-paint a hand from an exposure doll. If you hang it on the wall you´ll have a supercool hook for whatever. 
  • Make dots or other shapes on flowerpots using a felt pen for ceramics
  • Make your own pillows. Or use those you´ve got. Print out cool things you like, pictures or quotes, on t-shirt transfer. Iron it on. Tata! 
  • Play with tape and toys around the house
  • Cut out shapes in foil and stick it to vases or jars you paint. Remove the foil and you´ll have cool patterns. 
Enjoy re-making your own decorations!

tirsdag 11. september 2012