fredag 30. november 2012


It´s been quite quiet here. But in between all nesting and resting I´ve been a little creative with Elkika. We´ve been preparing for tomorrow´s pop-up marked. And I´ve decorated some babyclothes using the oldfashioned potato-stamp and textile painting. Today I also had some secret visitors. Very exciting, and a bit scary. But nice. To be continued...

fredag 23. november 2012


Preparations all over. Inside, outside. Me. My body. My head. Our house. And Tromsø´s football team TIL is preparing for the norwegian cup final on sunday. In support of my man I made this banner. It´s what the guys yell, and means Go TIL. He´s preparing for the match while I am (among other things) preparing for the pop up marked next week end. I didn´t think I would have the energy for things like this now, but some came along. It´s like therapy. Now off to the attic to sew some more. Wishing you all a lovely week end. Eya TIL!

søndag 18. november 2012

Like a child

Finally! I´ve wanted to decorate for christmas for quite a while now. And since it´s dark almost all day long up here now, I´ve allowed myself to put up the christmaslights. I´ve also found our stars and some advent stuff I will put out next week end. (I know, these lights could stay all year because they´re not really christmas decorations).  We also had christmas dinner today. And I´ve bought a lot of christmas presents and done some wrapping. Christmas came early this year. I love christmas. Or, waiting for it to come. 

lørdag 10. november 2012

Blog guest

Yesterday I had a guest post at nionio´s blog. So fun to see my pictures there. Nia makes super cool trays and tea towels, you should visit her shop and blog. (Santa, please visit her site). Thanks for choosing me this friday Nia! 

fredag 9. november 2012

Be nice

I think I do. Work hard. And I see myself as nice to other people. Therefore I get really pissed when people don´t act the same way back. I think the world would be a better place if we all just were good to each other. Have a lovely week end. TGIF! 

onsdag 7. november 2012

Kose mose overdose

Kos er ulltøfler. Stearinlys. Vinetergulvteppe. Gave i posten. Sene frokoster. Meg egg. Stripete små ben under bordet. Pledd og puter. Kaffe for to. Skåler med gode saker i. Blomster. En druknende gul ubåt med te. Regn. Flere puter. Innevær. Grener som venter på julelys. Å pakke inn gaver til andre, i fint papir. Og å se på gamle bilder, og minnes at det var kos. 
Men mest av alt er kos tid. Tid til livet. 


Plastic´s gone. The grey rug is back. Let winter come. I am ready.