onsdag 24. oktober 2012


Surroundings. I´ve stayed in for days. Loading for Helsinki this week end. A lot of work, music, dance, singing, fun and nice people. The big final of MADD i getting closer and closer. Here we go!

tirsdag 23. oktober 2012


Days go by. So fast. So slow. Nothing happens. Big things happen. All at once. Slowly. Changes. Me. Us. Preparations. Happy thoughts. Frightening moments. Black. White. Life is taking over. This shall be the autumn representing life. Last autumn- the opposite. Memories rush closer as the day sneaks upon us. Halloween will always remind us of that wonderful person we lost. And miss a lot. I wish she could take part of the big thing changing our lives right now. Somehow I feel she does. 

mandag 15. oktober 2012

And the winner is...

My muse. My friend. My colleague- Elkika! She won one of the the competitions in Miks & triks, a competition for redesign arranged at Remiks (our station for sorting garbage). You can see why she won? I love her style, her esthetic way of making stuff and the way her things doesn´t look like all other redesigned stuff. Because a lot of it does! But on the other hand it´s good that people re-use stuff. I just don´t think everything is looking that good. Or is made in a creative way. Not my cup of tea, you know. But for all means, keep on redesigning, reusing and recycling! Congrats Elkika. I am so glad you won. Weeee!

søndag 14. oktober 2012

I will never grow up

Therefore I had to get this poster. To remind myself and everyone. Grown ups are kind of boring. But sometimes we have to, I know. Tack it and tape doesn´t work on our walls so I had to frame it. Luckily I brought an extra frame home from Ikea this summer. Now we just need to get the my finger up. And hey, check out Mini & Maximus clothes for kids. I want my kids to be like that. I can´t stand all the pink and blue prince and princess stuff all over! But I know I probably can´t decide everything myself for long, even though I try to tell family & friends which colors are ok...

lørdag 13. oktober 2012

Miks & triks

I´m getting ready for remiksdagen. Some of my (kind of old now) redesigned stuff will be part of their exhibition. I´ve taken part in their competition, most for fun. I like redesign, but not all of it. I think it must look cool too. Today we will get to know who wins the competition. And there is a whole lot to see and do at the station where all our garbage get sorted before going to recycling. Wish you all a pleasant week end!

onsdag 10. oktober 2012

Kidsa nå til dags

I have a niese who soon will turn 5 years old. She knows how to handle an iphone, ipad, computer and even my camera. I think she takes pretty cool pictures already. Kids nowadays. 

onsdag 3. oktober 2012

I´m hooked

Thank you for your comments. I am alright. The change is good. Something I´ve hoped to happen for ages. Yet so overwhelming and scary. I´m still adjusting. But finally we´re moving on. Our life has been filled with so much waiting for years. So I guess this is what life is about. Changes. Developing. Stretching. Scary stuff. Well. I have made a hook, too. From an old exposure doll´s hand. Glued on a screw and dipped it in paint. Can´t wait to get my finger up.

mandag 1. oktober 2012


 A quiet morning. Time to reflect. It´s October. Things have changed. Since May it´s been a lot different. And I can´t decide how much I will tell you. Yet. But I´m here. A bit more seldom than before. Maybe you´ll know one day. Peace.