tirsdag 31. januar 2012

Messy corner

I look forward to fill this corner with a couch again. I want some massage while watching Tv and films. I miss taking a nap together with my boyfriend. I miss sitting beside my boyfriend. Not to mention how much he misses a big couch. So I can give him some massage. And our family miss places to sit. Yes, I made a bad choice buying a small coach. I admit it. But the color is cool. And I like the style. Now, please come quick Skandinavia


Thank you DottyLove for guiding me into Seventy tree. I will put this on my wish list. You hear me? This, or some of those postcards. Pleeeeease. 

mandag 30. januar 2012


Last week I saw the most beautiful aurora borealis (northern lights) I´ve ever seen. They danced. Just outside my window. Changing colors. So spectacular. I couldn´t go to sleep. Just sat by the window in our bedroom, tucked in a quilt. My colleague Elin drove out to take pictures. She stood by the sea for three hours. In the cold. Thank you for sharing. This is just one of the reasons why you should visit the north of Norway!


Australian fatmumslim has made a photo challenge for February as well. Join it if you want to. It might give some new ideas or ways of seeing things. Take all of them, or some.  

Fin fyr

I had to buy a gift to the man who lights my fire. He puts me on fire. Keeps my heart warm. And so on. Bla bla bla. Burn baby burn. Thank you for making me so hot. I found this broom and dustpan at Ting. I like it when I can buy good lookin´ things we actually need. And just to say, I do lid the fire quite often myself.

søndag 29. januar 2012

Til tørk

I´ve spent some time at Bolia lately. New plans. My last impulsive move wasn´t such a success. I brought this back home though from one of my visits. Soon we´ll have something bigger I guess. If we just can make up our mind. 

Be my guest

Be my guest
be my guest
put some sushi to digest!

I love it when friends invite themselves over. Or just stop by. Why don´t we do that more often? Everything´s so planned nowadays. Happy saturday I just day. Games and glasses, fat booth and wine. So much fun. Thank you for coming by. MacHo.

Yeah I know it looks like I´ve just put on the table to pretend we´re having guests. The thing is, I don´t take that much pictures when I´m with people. I like to enjoy my company. That´s why you can´t see our guest, or our sushi. I like to keep something to myself. 

Tip top

I´ve made an order. Not for this, though. This lovely Tip Top from Donna Wilson was my inspiration. I chose some other colors. Luckily Helle´s mum takes orders. I just can´t wait to try it on. Did you like my ziggizagg mittens she made for me? I love them. I´m so lucky to know someone who can knit. Maybe I´ll have a look at Pickles

lørdag 28. januar 2012


I hope I´ll have some kids over soon, so we can play with my gift from Elkika. Tape for electricians is great for floor work. Just look what Brigg made for her kids´cars. Or what about a hopscotch? We´ll tape our floor and jump around. Or play with cars. Hopefully I can show you soon. Or else I´ll have to jump around myself. 

Where I sleep

Old pictures. All my favorites. In my favorite room. In my favorite part of the week. 

fredag 27. januar 2012



This week of redecoration must come to an end. Time to relax now. I´ll try. So much energy! So much Gerimax. Looking forward to sofa, Tv and wine. Coffee in bed and lots of time. Wish you all a relaxing weekend. 

torsdag 26. januar 2012


Man bør ikke ha for mange ting. Til slutt eier tingene deg. Jeg kjenner det begynner bli litt mange ting. Jeg blir lei av dem, og flytter dem rundt. Pakker bort og tar frem. Kjenner det begynner å nærme seg utskifting av tøy på det store lerretet

Just another thing on the wall

I´ve spread our finnish cards around the house. Mixed with some old ones, ptints and a tag from cheap monday. This is our stairway. Stepping down the stairs every morning, tired. Glad to see some nice stuff on our wall. Still some work to be done on this dumb wall, though. 

onsdag 25. januar 2012

New corner

New plans for this corner. Meanwhile I redecorate the wall with my new Etsy stuff. To be continued. 

tirsdag 24. januar 2012


Når det var kaldt ute
sa alltid dei vaksne
at vi ikkje måtte slikke på gelenderet

Rett etter stod vi jo der
og hylte

av Marit Tusvik

mandag 23. januar 2012

Kriker og kroker

Mine favorittsteder i huset er visst hjørnene

Nobody puts baby in the corner? Well, I happen to like our corners.