lørdag 31. mars 2012


Signs of spring in the north of Norway: plants growing. Inside. And I´m not spending energy on being jealous. It´s just the way it is up here. We can go skiing until May. 

fredag 30. mars 2012

This MADD week

It´s been a wild week. I´m all out of words. Working 24/7 for this project has been like no job, most fun. Now it`s almost over. 2 years of hard work really paid off. Watching all those happy, proud students on and behind the stage made it worth it all. MADD (Music, Arts, Dance, Drama) in school is so important. It works! No the saddest part. Cleaning- then a long holiday. I will need it. But I´m still high. On happiness. I´m so proud of my students.   

torsdag 29. mars 2012


I love grilled, dried fish. From the north of Norway. Best fish there is. I also like the design on these boxes. Made by tankdesign. Why don´t you try it? Maybe this week end. Did I say week end? Yeah. Easter holiday here I come. It´s been a holymacarony week. But it didn´t feel like work. Just fun. I love working on performances. 

onsdag 28. mars 2012

Dip it

Dippery day. I tried to make a cool vase like Elkika redesigned some really cool jars made out of glass. I hope she will show us soon. My vase looks a bit odd. But I like it, though. I dipped it in white paint. Maybe a bit to much paint. Next time it will get better. 

Håill brillan!

Who would have thought? I once had a black jacket with neon-colored shoulders. About 20 years ago. (Shiiiit). I never thought I would bring it back. Well, here it is. Neon. Thank you Elkika for giving me this original strap for glasses, right from the early 80íes. 

tirsdag 27. mars 2012


Lucky me got a diamond for my birthday. Thank you Lahra! I´ve got busy days. I haven´t given easter a thought. I will, after MADD is over on friday. That will be a strange day. Working on this musical for two years now. And soon it will all be over. Strange. And a bit nice too. I´m ready for new adventures. Still I thought my life would be very different from what it´s now- two years ago when we started working on this. At least I got to finish my work. Focus on what´s good. 

mandag 26. mars 2012

3 dager til ende

Busy day. Still celebrating. My cute colleagues brought muffins and a gift. They even made our pupils surprise me on stage, singing a birthday song for me when I thought they were supposed to practice. I had to cry a little. Then, still daylight when leaving work in the evening. Rain. And when I came home, one more gift were waiting. In the mailbox. Thank you so much Lahra. I feel so lucky, having all these wonderful people in my life. Thank you all. I love you. 

søndag 25. mars 2012


This is love. 

Such a wonderful birthday. Thank you all for making it the best. Family, friends, cakes, gifts and time spent together. I love you all.

On the wall

Finally. Our fRiEnDlY aRt is on the wall. Now let´s celebrate!

lørdag 24. mars 2012

Older and older


Shit. One step further away from 30. Soon. I´ve been so busy these weeks I almost forgot it´s my birthday tomorrow. Now I must get up from bed, clean the house, bake some cakes (shit!) and maybe decorate a bit. Oh, I must tell you- our dinner table is upside sown on top of our big piece of art. Chairs all over our living room. And dust all over. Lot´s to do. Still, I´m in bed. These pictures are so last season. So what to do tomorrow? I haven´t had the time to focus on my birthday. Maybe that´s how it is to grow up, become an adult and work like hell? But still, I love birthdays. 


photo: Jason Lee

Alt går med gaffa. Til og med småsøsken. Min tekniske kollega fikset prosjektor til scenen på omtrent samme måte. Pluss en stige. Hurra for gaffateip. Og lure, sterke menn. Men som elevene sa til meg- "Hadde du vært en elev hadde du nok havna som hun på bildet". Orgedama. 

Everything goes with gaffa. 

fredag 23. mars 2012


It´s fun to get orders. These wine bags were made for Ina. Happy week end to you all. Do you want one like this? 

torsdag 22. mars 2012

Himmelsk gavelotteri

Bloggugla has got the coolest blog lottery ever. Normally I don`t post things like this, but this is really a blog I like. And I love the Himmelis she makes. So you can join her lottery here.
Ooop. Now I might get some competition in the lottery. But you have to visit Jannes blog. It`s cool. Now I hope to win one. It will be perfect in our house!

onsdag 21. mars 2012


I really love my job. Especially these days. My baby for two years is about to come to life. This is completely MADD. Music Art Dance Drama in school is really important. Hard work. Great learning. And fun. I´m all out of words. I love working with these young people. And my great colleagues. This is just day 1. One week before premiere.