onsdag 11. april 2012

Party´s over

When I came from work today I felt like this pink balloon. Then my sister, later my father and my father in law stopped by after dinner. After some caffeine had loaded I got so much energy I just had to clean the house. And I mean CLEAN. Actually I planned a big spring cleaning for the week end. But I had to start today. I felt it coming. Drawers and closets, dirty cabins in the kitchen, dusty drawers in the bathroom and old stuff in the basement was all taken care of. I felt great. I need time on my own. And I really enjoy having a clean home. A tidy one. I don´t like storing too much stuff. Now I must get rid of some bags filled with old things. I planned to go to the marked, but I never get the time to take part in it. Then, some other day we will continue the good work. Now it feels like week end, and I want to sit here all night long. With a glass of red wine. But it´s work tomorrow. And the day after! So. Good night. Party´s over. 

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  1. Så fine bilder Rina!!

    Nå har du pakke på vei til deg i posten :)


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