fredag 25. november 2011

Toill & vas II

Rearragements are made in our hall. Familypictures are put together in one bulletin board. Maybe I`ll show it to you one day. Maybe. This results in plenty of space on the dresser. So, yesterday I changed the fabric on one of my canvases. Moved it from our little hall to this big hall. I also made this silly litte piece of art from tape on canvas a long time ago. I just forgot to place it so you could see it. Now, here it is. Maybe on the wall after a while. Or maybe not. I live with a man who doesn`t want to hurt our walls. Therefore I place art on furniture and move it around the house when I feel like. LikeL yesterday, I packed some things away to make room for christmas. I get stressed with too much stuff around. But a little christmas would be nice. A little touch of it. My stars are ready. Almost.

1 kommentar:

  1. Så fint!
    Jeg digger lampeskjermen din lenger ned her!
    God helg!


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