fredag 14. desember 2012


It´s been quiet here. I can see that showing my home and my blog in the newspaper invited some new guys over here. Welcome welcome! I really don´t like showing myself of like that, so it was quite strange being in front of the camera and not behind it. But one of Tromsø´s best photographers and journalists were allowed and welcomed to visit our house. Iiik. Please have mercy with me, I´m not posting that often nowadays. My head is full of things I want to do, and once I´ve done some there´s always something new popping up. Today I had to give myself a go-slow-day. I woke up and listened to the wind outside, made the fireplace, drank some coffee, ate late breakfast and tried to get some sewing and cube-making done. As you see we have a lovely calendar this year. Made by the wonderful blogger dotty-love, who sent it to me. No stuff and things, just some very nice words for every day. Today´s note to self really fit our day. I´ve been a hormonal mess this week. Today I had to calm down and just try to be nice. Hope you´re having a calm and warm week end wherever you are! Calm down. Christmas will come anyway. I will try to remind myself on that too...  

3 kommentarer:

  1. Så fin du er i ditt fine hjem!!!

  2. Sååå fint! Og så gøy å se kalenderen i hjemmet ditt som er så deilig kreativt, hurra!

  3. Tusen takk skjønne damer.
    Kalenderen er så fin, og jeg er så glad jeg har fått den av Dotty Love.


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