søndag 16. desember 2012


I like it simple. And easy. I am not that patient, so I haven´t made my own. I bought some cubes to cut and fold, from Snug. They´ve been waiting for me. For weeks. This week-end I finally told myself to get done with them, and I even got them up. I plan to make a mobile for Mini from these after Christmas. Furthermore I´ve made some babystuff which you can see on Instagram if you´re there. I can´t bother to take pictures for my blog of everything I do, therefore Insta-followers can see more of what I do. Next I will try to get my new honeyballs up. Like on so many other blogs. But hey, I like them! And if you want to print out your own, check out this mobile made by LittleHelsinki. She has done what I plan to do.

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  1. I like them too;) Du er hvertfall mer tålmodig enn meg:)Ha en fin dag!


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