onsdag 31. august 2011


You know when you just want to... You don´t know what you want to. Scream. Shout. Cry. Explode. Yell at somebody. Write ugly words. I guess this soap is meant for those moments. Elkika thought I might get use of this foamy anti aggressive soap, so she bought it for me in Amsterdam. How did she know? I will keep it close to the tub so I can lather up when those hormonal explosions come to my body and mind. I guess I just have to jump in the shower. I feel the need. 

3 kommentarer:

  1. tihi! For en herlig såpe! denne hadde vært en god venn sist helg! ;) Ha en glad dag! Klem

  2. For ei herleg såpe! Trur eg òg skulle hatt ei slik innimellom..;-)

    Håpar peisen snart er på plass! For nå ER det haust!!



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